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Here's what just some of our customers are saying...

Hi we would like you to recommend us on here please if you have been happy with our service and the boarding of your dog email some text and a small pic the owner or dog .We may only be able to apply the text here Thanks .Please just send email to we look forward to hearing from you .

We would say that we have used Terry and his wife several times to look after our dog Pip.  We’ve always found them very reliable, flexible and friendly.  They have always tried to help us out even at short notice, they have a lovely house and garden.  They are genuine dog lovers and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.Hope to see you soon.                                                                                                                      Andy Forbes& Lucy Gibbs and our dog Pip.  Canterbury Kent


We are so pleased to have found a dog home boarder who is licenced and very dog friendly.Our dog we know was so much happier at Dog Home Boarding Kent than he was at the kennels he stayed at last as he had freedom love and not being locked up for the duration .We will use them again .
Dave Barbara Walker and our lovely Terrier Chad   West Kingdown Kent

Our King Charles Spanial will be going nowhere else when we go away now we have found Dog Home Boarding Kent . He loved it there did not want to come away ..We have already made his next booking . Thankyou Terry & Doreen
Jack & Joyce Smithers and our precious Jake   Broadstairs Thanet Kent

We would like to say our lovely Jack Russall called Jack had a fantastic time at Dog Home Boarding Kent.When he came away he sulked for the first day cos he missed the company and freedom with the other dogs.We have already booked him in for his next stay.We would recomend Dog Home Boarding Kent to anyone.
Sarah Short Whitstable Kent.

Dog home boarding is an absolute godsend. Terry and his wife offer a proffesional yet homely and caring retreat for your dogs whilst you go off on your jollies. My extremely lively and overly friendly collie [ Louie ] fell in with them both and didnt want to come home.....i was quite jealous in fact!!!!
I would reccomend them 100% and my dog would too. Unfortunately i moved from Canterbury back up north and have never been able to find anything like they offer. My dog now hates me because he has to go into proper kennels rather than being snuggled up on terrys sofa.
Kerry loomans. York, N.yorks.

Just would like to thank you both Doreen and Terry for looking after macey for the long weekend. It was quite hard to leave her as macey is still a puppy, however I felt that you are located in a lovely area where there is plenty of ground for her to run around in and play safely.
Macey was well looked after and I thank you for taking the time to do so. I felt that I could enjoy the weekend away that Paul and I had, knowing that Macey was in safe hands, especially as she is so young.
Thanks again
Lucie & Paul  [ The Mansfields from Kingsgate Kent]

I purchased my dog (a bichon frise called Jess) after a family bereavement,
and she soon become my entire focus and my life started to look up again. I
took her everywhere with me and the thought of having a holiday and putting
her in kennels filled me with dread. She was like my baby and I just
couldn't do it to her. So I searched on the internet and found Terry and
Doreen [ DOG HOME BOARDING KENT ]and took Jess to meet them. They were
fantastic with her, they fussed her and played with her and I instantly had
a warm feeling about their home. When I dropped her off I was terrified. I
spent the first few days of my holiday feeling upset and wondering if she
was ok. Then out of the blue I received some photos of her looking like she
was having a whale of a time without me! At that point I knew I'd made the
right decision. That was 5 years ago and I've used them regularly since. I
drop her off and she wanders in tail wagging like mad. I wouldn't put her
anywhere else. If Terry and Doreen couldn't look after her I would cancel my
Rebecca Uden Folkstone

Dog Home Boarding Kent Have been looking after my Border Terrier now for several years .He just loves visiting Terry & Doreen I think he thinks hes on holiday he runs in tail wagging and makes himself at home straight away so I know hes happy there .I would not take him anywhere else and dont mind the journey from London to Kent just to know hes happy and safe whilst Im away ....J.D East London

Dog Home Boarding  .Tel 01227 272444 / 07703 524333
We have been established since 1991