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What we would like you to do if you want to use our services is bring your dog around to our premises  for say half an hour before you board with us to see if your dog gets on with ours or others that might be here at the time.You will see where your dog will be living whilst you are away and we can see if your dog is OK to board here.Dont forget your dog must be able to mix with other dogs without fighting,.It must be fit and it must be clean in doors as we as we are not going to be happy if we end up with dog mess in our home and its not fair on any other animals here at the time as well as us we are sure you understand.Your dog must be vaccinated and upto date we do ask to see the vets vaccination records before we register your dog with us.When you board your dog with us we advise you to bring some if not all its bedding and a few toys this makes it feel at home when sleeping and also bring its correct food.Sorry we do not take in sick dogs of any nature.If you have a large dog we can refere you to someone else if you want just call us . We look forward to hearing from you soon and plenty of repeat business.Thankyou for reading all this. Terry & Doreen Moxley


Our Goals
  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our services.
  • To provide the best customer/ animal service possible.
  • To  promote our Dog Home boarding business to the best of our ability ..

We founded this small business after taking our dog to various dog kennels in the past and where not  very happy with the way our dog acted up when he came home. He seemed stressed and if we took him back at any time he would pull away from the place on his lead as if he knew he did not like it and did not want to be left. Then we found a nice chap down in Kent that did Home dog boarding and whenever we go away we use him and our dog is a different dog when he comes home now.So when things started to get quite in my business and I reached retirement age we decided to setup a Dog Home Boarding place of our own and here we are.But when we enquired to get ourselves licensed with the local Ashford Borough council and insured they knew nothing about our type of business and we had to explain how we looked after dogs in our own home and not a kennels .We where one of the first in the south of English to obtain a licence  


Dog Home Boarding  .Tel 01227 272444 / 07703 524333
We have been established since 1991